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Different Names: German Mastiff
Country of Origin: Germany
Dog Group: Working Dog


Dogs Seeing the Great Dane are noticed in drawings in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2200 BC. These certainly were shorter of leg and also resembled mastiffs. These forms of dogs left their way to other nations via dealers. It was in Germany that the strain was developed now that people espouse. It’s believed that the mastiff type that was first was crossed to provide the nimble, slim dog that’s called being a Great Dane. These were utilized as bull baiters for hunting wild boar and at 1592 the nobility was using them. By the 1800’s property owners for a game, hunting had been a dog that is really common and used that it. The Great Dane club has been launched in the UK at 1885 and at America at 1889.


The Great Dane is a large sized dog that’s extremely strong and muscular. The mind is long and square. They have a coat that is delicate that is short. They offer the appearance to be dignified and noble.


The Great Dane is a smart and affectionate dog. They are able to turn out to be loyal and very close to your family members members and close. They really do get on well with kids, household pets, and other dogs. They have been ideally suitable for this family that was busy. They have been quick to alert your category of almost any strangers coming their land, because they are guard dogs, even though they don’t bark much. They ought to be socialized and training started at a young age.



The Great Dane is a smart dog which, for security work, could be trained using an expert handler. Once they’re young, their training needed to start because they grow into a pet. All training has to be consistent. As puppies that they really do require a lot of training and socialization.
Energy Medium
Suitability for Children High
Tendency to Bark Low


Overall Exercise Requirement

The Great Dane doesn’t demand as much exercise since this size indicates. They certainly will joyful move together will your family and like exercise. They also like spending time enjoying. Exercise has to be supplied during the growth phase, as too much may cause muscle, joint and bone issues.
Suitability for Being a Guard Dog High
Ease Of Transportation Low
Level of Aggression Low
Other Animal Compatibility Medium


The jacket of the Great Dane is compact and short. They are sometimes dressed with a mitt, that may get rid of the dead and loose hairs.
Grooming Requirements Once per Week
Trimming Required Not one
Level of hair drop Little

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